Popfly: online mashups for dummies?

Last week Microsoft (my employer) announced a new tool that will allow anyone basically to develop mashups. When I read about it at the Popfly website it says Popfly is about 2 things: Popfly Creator is a set of online visual tools for building Web pages and mashups. Popfly Space is an online community ofContinue reading “Popfly: online mashups for dummies?”

links for 2007-05-19

Microsoft Launches Popfly: Mashup App Creator Built On Silverlight Microsoft will announce the private beta launch of Popfly this morning, a new Silverlight application that allows users to create mashups, widgets and other applications (tags: will announce the private beta launch of this morning, a application that allows users to create mashups, widgets and otherContinue reading “links for 2007-05-19”

links for 2007-05-17

Luistert de adverteerder wel naar de consument? · Marketingfacts Microsoft’s The Break Up is een prachtige korte video over de relatie tussen adverteerder en consument. (tags: thebreakup microsoft marketing advertising advertisers consumers) I Know Everything About You. You’re 28-34… » Beyond Madison Avenue Microsoft calls out their own clients, the advertisers. Hey guys, you’re aContinue reading “links for 2007-05-17”

10 reasons why traditional agencies resist

This week the Canadian Provokat blog did a good write-up on 10 reasons why traditional agencies resist to the digital world. It’s definitely not the all included list, but there’s a lot of truth in there and as such worth a read. I’ll do a quick list of the 10 topics but you should readContinue reading “10 reasons why traditional agencies resist”

Something is about to happen…

First of all there’s I-Merge. This Belgian interactive agency is about to change into it’s new … shape and therefor they launched a teasing campaign to build awareness of this. A lot of us knew that there were big changes to be expected and they could have done the classic PR approach + email toContinue reading “Something is about to happen…”