links for 2007-05-23

Prototype Of Pandora Wifi Device Shown Tonight In San Francisco They also made a pre-announcement, however, of an upcoming Wifi music player to be built by SanDisk and powered by Zing. (tags: pandora sandisk zing wifi music player announcement) New Version of BlueOrganizer Launched – Semantic Web In Action? Today AdaptiveBlue released a new versionContinue reading “links for 2007-05-23”

If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …

If pigeons are “rats with wings,” then cab drivers are “pigeons with cars.” – Andy Nulman Today I saw this truly great post from Andy Nulman at his blog Pow!Right between the eyes and it just made me smile, this really is very recognizable. If you’re a traveler such as myself or apparently Andy, thenContinue reading “If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …”

links for 2007-05-22

Bokardo » How to Design for Word-of-Mouth The big benefit of word-of-mouth is that your marketing budget goes toward zero, as your users become your marketers. (tags: wordofmouth wom viral web socialmedia socialnetworking sharing community Marketing) iMedia Connection: Tap the Sphere of Influence: 3 Secrets Smart marketers create their own social networks for customers, givingContinue reading “links for 2007-05-22”

Fed up with ‘funny’ error messages

I guess about 2 years ago many referred to the Bloglines Plumber as a new way to deal with error and maintenance messages, and users loved it. It was definitely something else than the regular 404 or maintenance pages we were used to seeing so this was refreshing. But it wasn’t (or isn’t) only theContinue reading “Fed up with ‘funny’ error messages”

links for 2007-05-21

Make Marketing History: Green Marketing 101 My peripheral involvement in John Grant’s forthcoming book The Green Marketing Manifesto has exposed me to many initiatives and a lot of clever ideas. (tags: green marketing manifest global warming) Full Feeds vs. Partial Feeds – The RSS Blog Last week, Cognitive Daily moved to full feeds. This week,Continue reading “links for 2007-05-21”