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Today I received a copy from “The Origin Of Brands” signed for me by Al & Laura Ries thanks to CK (Is it possible not to love her?). You might remember I ordered a copy of it on Amazon in February or so but never received it, but then again you see how the community steps in… isn’t that great?!


This is also another great reminder of the global marketing community that is shaping up big time if you ask me. Although this is not new for today, there have been a number of initiatives that seemed to have speed up that whole marketing conversation and it’s very exciting to be part of that. Think about The Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing blogs (a classic) which is now in a new format, Todd Andrlik’s Power 150 that includes +300 Marketing blogs actually, Marketing Profs Book Club, The Conversation Age ebook, … all very interesting projects driven by the people out of this community.

Another sign of the common interest in this community is the fact that people want to learn more about each other and also there we see a few initiatives that are worth looking at. Arun did a great job on profiling all 100 Age of Conversation authors, Todd started doing something similar on the Power 150 called the Power Profiles (with Darryl Ohrt as a first guest), we also have Blogger Stories from Toby Bloomberg and don’t forget the compelling ‘bloggers as teachers‘ post from Ryan Karpeles, you sure teached me Ryan!

If that all ain’t enough, think about the conversation we’re all having amongst eachother, whether that is in each other’s blog comments, via email, on Twitter, IM, … whatever. There’s this special notion amongst blogger of ‘meeting’ people, you know where you put the ‘meeting’ between brackets ;) I wonder if that’s a kind of meeting only bloggers understand, but I sure ‘met’ some interesting people this way the last few weeks and months (you know who you are) and I hope I get the chance to ‘meet’ more of you soon.

Maybe it is just me and nothing really has changed, but I get the feeling it has. I’m looking forward to more of this and wouldn’t it be fantastic if eventually we find a time and a place we could all meet up face to face and have a sort of Marketing Mashup? Sounds good to me ;)



  1. CK says:

    You will really benefit from this book…and don’t forget we’re reviewing “Made To Stick” in 2 weeks ;-). I am so let down in how book distributors can’t get books sent to other countries on time–but at least there are eBooks…and nice of Al & Laura Ries to look out for you. See how much of an important bookworm you are? Now get to reading!

  2. CK says:

    Also, ask Philippe to take a picture of you with the book…many bookworms take a pic of themselves with the book and then I post them. For example:

    – and –

    You are too much of a handsome man not to be featured next to that handsome book!

  3. Mack Collier says:

    Whoa you got a signed copy, you lucky dog!

  4. Toby says:

    Yes, as we interact and learn from each other “real” relationships develop. As with any relationship it’s natural to give more of yourself. Yes, a marketing mash-up would be the ultimate in cool. In the meantime, there are virtual book clubs, blogger stories and comments (smile).

  5. CK says:

    “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if eventually we find a time and a place we could all meet up face to face and have a sort of Marketing Mashup? ”

    Well, it appears Kris Hoet is psychic. He foresaw the current book in Book Club (Made To Stick”) and then he foresaw our huge marketing mashup, see here:

    PS: I’ll always look to you to foretell the future…please make it a bright one!

  6. Kris Hoet says:

    Mmm psychic – new career opportunity? Thanks for the kind words CK, It’s absolutely fabulous to see this is about to happen – It’s like dreaming the same dream.

    The future is going to be …. bright! ;)

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