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I just received an email from one of my colleagues pointing out to the website. I don’t know about other countries but it’s quite common in Belgium that you can get a sticker to put your mailbox (not your email inbox I’m afraid) to let the mailman know you just want direct mail and nothing else. The reason why I wanted to write about this one, is the image of the campaign. It’s yet another quite powerful message to advertisers that consumers want no more. Maybe I should start a bringtheloveback series, like Hugh has the Blue Monster series, whenever posts are related to this broken consumer/advertiser relationship.

(sorry for the distorted image)

Talking about the Blue Monster series, here’s a short video with Steve Clayton and Hugh MacLeod talking about this with David Brain from Edelman. And Steve, maybe next time ;)



  1. yeah…disappointing Kris but still got 5 in the cupboard :)

  2. henk says:

    euh, shouldn’t we make a difference between advertising and the junk you get in your mailbox? bring the love back for instance is great advertising, even when it’s against classic advertising, it’s also prove that a good commercials works. that people like to see a good story.

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey Henk – I’ve got nothing against advertising in general at all, I’m an advertiser/marketer myself. But I just found this a powerful message of consumers saying no. And with the bulk load of ads we get/see every day – of which much is of very low quality – that is not a surprise I guess.

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