My media consumption diet

It’s been a while, but I’ve been tagged again, this time by Steve Clayton who got it from Sarah Blow initially. What’s the status of my media consumption, what media do I consume most, … so here’s my list (most used first).

  1. E-mail: I’m afraid I spend quite a lot of time dealing with my email, sending out email, replying to others, sorting them out, … Is it an MSFT cultural thing? Is it the European role and being a connection between the European countries and the US? I guess it’s a bit of both, getting emails during both timezone working hours doesn’t help :)
  2. Web/RSS: The first thing I do each morning and the last before I turn of my pc is checking my RSS, and whenever I find some time during the day to quickly catch up on the 400 feeds I will do so. Reading RSS undeniably goes together with surfing the web and I must say I enjoy all that a lot. And yes, I will catch up on my RSS on mobile when I can.
  3. Phone/mobile: I don’t have a fixed line anymore since I started working for Europe (and as such hot-desking) but use my mobile for calling with the team in London, attending and leading conference calls (yes, a lot of those I’m afraid) or surfing the mobile web. I’m a longtime user of the mobile web and can only wish to be able to get more content on it asap!
  4. TV/DVD: There are only few occasions when I’m actually ‘attached’ to the small screen and that is with a good movie on DVD. With a previous career in cinema, I still love to watch movies. The TV will be on apart from watching movies, but most of the time we’ll only be watching it with half an eye… surfing the web or reading something in the meantime. It’s more like a visual radio I guess in that case.
  5. IM: Having nearly all of your colleagues on IM and working in an international environment gets you to use IM a lot, and I’m happy it exists since you can win a lot of time with it. And just like with your mobile, if I have no time for a chat… I’ll get back to you later (don’t mind if you do either).
  6. Newspaper/Magazines: Because of my role as marketer (I guess) I get quite some magazines for free every week/month which I all ‘read’. It’s light-reading though, most of the time it’ll take me 10-15 minutes to finish one. Don’t ask me why, I kind of like it although I never actually read anything for real. I also get a newspaper delivered to my doorstep every morning which I ‘read’ while stuck in traffic each morning. No stress that way. Yes, I would mind if you would take these away from me though :)

That’s it. I’m curious to see the media consumption diet of Toby ‘Diva’ Bloomberg (who I ‘met’ only recently), Linda ‘Twitterati’ Jones (to find out how much Twitter will be part of the diet) and Loic ‘LeWeb’ Le Meur (to find out how he copes with his Gmail). Hope they are up for it ;)



  1. Linda says:

    Hey thanks for tagging me, I’m sorry I’m only just responding…

  2. Dima says:


    I am following this “media consumption diet” thread and am trying to suggest an idea of a Commfree Day – one day every month to be spent away from media and information technology. I have a post with more explanation about it and will be glad to hear what you and others think about it:


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