10 reasons why traditional agencies resist

This week the Canadian Provokat blog did a good write-up on 10 reasons why traditional agencies resist to the digital world. It’s definitely not the all included list, but there’s a lot of truth in there and as such worth a read. I’ll do a quick list of the 10 topics but you should read it at the Provokat blog as the full copy is there together with some images that strengthen the content.

  1. What web? What are you talking about?
  2. TV is easy to sell
  3. Traditional advertising pays
  4. Trad ads are glam
  5. Web lasts too long
  6. TV works
  7. Technology is too complicated
  8. I tried it once and it didn’t work
  9. I’m retiring soon, no need for me to go there
  10. I don’t want things to change

Recognized something? Anyone?



  1. Philippe says:

    I recognize everything.

    What about: 11. traditional medias give better commissions

  2. adam says:

    they are so old fashioned…

  3. Tiffany says:

    yes! very familiar.

    how about:

    12. We don’t know where techy media fits in our process

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