Twitter 360

I just found out about this mashup between the Xbox gamertag and Twitter. It looks kind of complicated still to actually make it work, but that will probably improve soon. Once installed, the Xbox Twitter will check your gamertag status regularly and post updates when needed. This way you’ll see what people are playing on their Xbox.


With the last Xbox 360 dashboard update, Windows Live Messenger can show you the same status message by the way. If you’re logged into Live Messenger on the dashboard (one of the new features), your contacts using Messenger on their pc will see in the status message behind your nick what game you’re playing.

Coming back to Twitter, I haven’t made a post with my thoughts about the service yet, but yesterday I did an email interview with Linda Jones of Twitterati about it. Linda asked me about 15 questions and the interview gives you a pretty good overview about what I think of it today.