Personal echo chamber

Amongst bloggers, the definition of ‘the echo chamber‘ is pretty well known and I guess most of us are trying to create as much ‘new’ content as possible rather than just repeating what others are saying over and over again (sometimes even without checking the facts). Today I want to welcome you to the personal echo chamber.

Set up a Twitter account and sign up to as many people as possible, many will return the favor. Then use Twitter to send tweets talking about every single blogpost you’ve just put online. Half of your blogposts will consist of ‘links for the day’ referring to your feed, in which you link to the other half of your blogposts where you point out to your latest podcast and why people should listen to that one. Obviously your podcast will be all about being a blogger (referring the url if needed) and you will end every conversation with the question about what people think about Twitter (referring your own feed).

Enjoy the conversation with yourself about you, should be fun.  Sorry for the sarcasm, just felt like it today ;)