1. Tom Conrad says:

    Gotta tell you, it absolutely KILLED me not to be able to talk about the issues we are dealing with in the licensing domain outside the US the night we met. Frankly, I was hoping against hope that somehow at the last minute it would have turned out differently. Really say day for Pandora… this is the last thing we wanted to have to do.


  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey Tom – I think I sort of knew that would have been the issue, so I can’t blame you for not telling me. It was just no fun to share the excitement of being an international user with Pandora to hear 2 days later that I can’t access it anymore. But I can understand that to be no fun for you either.

    I hope you go international again sometime soon, good luck.

  3. Tom, this is Gerd Leonhard, CEO of Sonific. I totally agree with you on Pandora – a real bummer. I am hit hard as well, since I am in Switzerland, most of the time. Sonific’s SongSpots music widget is not meant to provide anything like Pandora – it’s much more about adding a musical context to your site, your blog post, your profile page, and we are not compulsory licensed like Pandora – we need to get every single track licensed individually; this is the reason that the webcasting rates and international restrictions don’t apply to us BUT in return we don’t have the top 100 tracks and artists, by and large, since we have not gotten the licenses from those major record labels yet…. no surprise there ;)
    In the meantime, though, we have almost 150.000 really cool tracks available, from 100s of indie labels and artists (such as The Barenaked Ladies), and there are quite a few well-known tracks and bands, and labels, here as well, so as long as the majors are dragging their heels on this kind of license … do try those. We currenty only allow one song per SongSpot but are looking into beefing that up a bit, as well; but it will never be like Pandora – and I really hope they can come back, worldwide, asap. Gerd Leonhard http://www.sonific.com http://www.gerdleonhard.net (blog) http://www.unlockthemusic.net

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