Virtual Talentum with Vacature

This evening the Belgian MSN/Windows Live crew and Vacature are trying something very interesting this evening… and a first in the industry I think as well. What is it about?

Vacature is a jobsite in Belgium that has organized together a Virtual Talentum in cooperation with Windows Live. About 100 recruiters from several companies are gathered in the Belgacom Surfhouse this evening and jobsearchers could sign up for this event during the last few days. The jobsearchers won’t have to come to the Surfhouse though, as all conversations with the recruiters will go via Windows Live Messenger. Looking at the live bloggers covering the event, most chats are text chats and only few are video/audio although all pc’s for the recruiters are ready for that.

Take a look at the live coverage from – largest Messenger community site in the world – or at Micromiel from MSFT colleague Miel Van Opstal. Hopefully a bit more tomorrow when I should be getting some of the results.


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