Bring the love back!

We’re nearing the launch of “The Break-Up” (aka “The Couple“), a video that a colleague of mine at Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions has been working on. Remember the little movie was started to highlight the relationship with advertisers and today’s consumer, and especially how that has changed. I’ve just seen the final cut of the video and I think it’s great. It highlights in a funny way how the relationship has changed, a simple message that many of us still need to learn though.

Together with the creation of this Geert (my colleague) and Stef (Openhere) started a blog called ‘Bring the love back!‘a couple of weeks ago that follow up on the whole process including the initial agency briefing which is kinda cool. The video was shot in LA by Caviar and has Claire Coffee and Brad Raider as actors, both with a track record including television series like CSI, Bones, …

For the movie they created a poster as well in true Hollywood style which you can see below. From within a week or so you should hopefully be seeing a lot more of this, stay tuned if you’re interested in advertising or marketing.




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