Simple truth about advertising

A couple of years ago I received a funny little book from Duval Guillaume called “Simple truth about advertising”. I don’t exactly remember when or where I got it (the copy I have is from the ’98 first edition) but I think I pretty much carried it with me in my pc bag ever since. Anyway it’s nothing new, but it still presents a very simple and amusing view on advertising that is not outdated at all.

“This amusing little book will not teach you how to become a great advertiser-but at least should help you understand why you’re not.” – Sir Richard Branson 


You can still order your copy at the website of Duval Guillaume and if you’re a bit interested in advertising I think you should. It’ll cost you 9 EUR (shipping cost included) and it’s definitely well worth it.



  1. Hey Kris,

    Guillaume noticed your blogpost through technorati tracking and was pleasantly surprised about it. He suggested to offer three free copies of “Simple truth about advertising” to the readers of your blog, so they can read and evaluate the book themselves.

    Feel free to give three copies to your readers. Send their name and (if possible eu) shipping address to pieter (dot) baert (at) duvalguillaume (dot) com and I will take care of the deliveries.


  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Cool Pieter! I’d love to give away few of these. Thanks to Guillaume as well, it’s really a nice little piece of work.

  3. Joke says:

    I would really like to have the little book, I was making a preparation for the visit of Mr Vinck in our school and saw the advertising about the book on their site!
    If the books are still available, I would be very happy to receive one!


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