Windows Live Hotmail launches worldwide

It’s on top of the list at Techmeme this morning, the fact that after many months of development and beta testing, the new version of Hotmail has gone public for everyone worldwide. It’s amazing to see how the service has evolved and grown over the now 10-11 years it exists. With 280M active users of which 20+M have been beta testers of the new version, I guess it’s fair to say that Hotmail still remains one of the most popular webmail services around.


To me it doesn’t seem all that new anymore as I’m on Windows Live Hotmail for many months already, but it has still been an interesting experience to see the service evolve from milestone to milestone, improving speed, features, look&feel, … etc. This has been built from the ground up on a completely new backend and you will see that it doesn’t look at all like the old Hotmail anymore. For now you still have to upgrade to the new version if you want it, but it’s clear that in a couple of months the old Hotmail as we know it will go away completely.

In general people don’t like change and that’s the reason why you’ll get the new Windows Live Hotmail in the classic look when you upgrade from the actual Hotmail. I suggest you change to the new full view in the settings, as the experience will be even better – pretty much like Outlook really. Features I like most: drag&drop, anti-spam and the mobile version of Windows Live Hotmail. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:


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