Yesterday I finished my little contribution to ‘The Age of Conversation’, the ebook project I talked about earlier. Sitting in the one of the hallways at MIX07, in between 2 sessions I just had to make time for it as the deadline came really close and I wasn’t able to write it on the flight to Vegas as I had hoped. The piece I wrote is about being part of the conversation, the many fears that seem to come with it and how common sense will get you over a lot of these.

Many of the discussion & conversations I’ve been having recently were exactly about this. What can we say in the comments, can I have someone else write my blog if I write the initial basic piece myself, … etc. What I wanted to say is that this conversation is not so much different from any other conversation you’re having on a daily basis, so don’t let the technology behind it frighten you. I’m not sure if it’s well written, whether it’s valuable but make sure you get the ebook (all revenue is going to charity remember) and let me know what you think.

Also, this ebook project includes contribution from many interesting marketers out there, you got to admit that’s an impressive list:

Gavin Heaton
Drew McLellan
Valeria Maltoni
Emily Reed
Katie Chatfield
Greg Verdino
Mack Collier
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Mike Sansone
Paul McEnany
Roger von Oech
Anna Farmery
David Armano
Bob Glaza
Mark Goren
Matt Dickman
Scott Monty
Richard Huntington
Cam Beck
David Reich
Mindblob (Luc)
Sean Howard
Tim Jackson
Patrick Schaber
Roberta Rosenberg
Uwe Hook
Tony D. Clark
Todd Andrlik
Toby Bloomberg
Steve Woodruff
Steve Bannister
Steve Roesler
Stanley Johnson
Spike Jones
Nathan Snell
Simon Payn
Ryan Rasmussen
Ron Shevlin
Roger Anderson
Bob Hruzek
Rishi Desai
Phil Gerbyshak
Peter Corbett
Pete Deutschman
Nick Rice
Nick Wright
Mitch Joel
Michael Morton
Mark Earls
Mark Blair
Mario Vellandi
Lori Magno
Kristin Gorski
Krishna De
Kris Hoet
Kofl Annan
Kimberly Dawn Wells
Karl Long
Julie Fleischer
Jordan Behan
John La Grou
Joe Raasch
Jim Kukral
Jessica Hagy
Janet Green
Jamey Shiels
Dr. Graham Hill
Gia Facchini
Geert Desager
Gaurav Mishra
Gary Schoeniger
Gareth Kay
Faris Yakob
Emily Clasper
Ed Cotton
Dustin Jacobsen
Tom Clifford
David Pollinchock
David Koopmans
David Brazeal
David Berkowitz
Carolyn Manning
Craig Wilson
Cord Silverstein
Connie Reece
Colin McKay
Chris Newlan
Chris Corrigan
Cedric Giorgi
Brian Reich
Becky Carroll
Arun Rajagopal
Andy Nulman
Amy Jussel
AJ James
Kim Klaver
Sandy Renshaw
Susan Bird
Ryan Barrett
Troy Worman

Join the conversation! 15 Comments

  1. Hello, Kris. I look forward to reading your chapter — glad you were able to make that deadline in spite of all the difficulties. Your point about not letting the technology get in the way of the conversation is an important one.

  2. I’m sure we will enjoy reading the thoughts and ideas put forth by this incredibly diverse and international group. It’s really good to read that professionals from all over have decided to put some of their activities on hold and pour their hearts into this project.

  3. Thanks. I wrote a while ago how the Book Club at MarketingProfs was one of the new very exciting ways to be part of a conversation, and this ebook is like a next into that. Very exciting indeed.

    Looking forward to read your chapters as well, as all of the others, I guess I’ll finish it immediately once I get a hold of it ;)

  4. Hey Kris,

    Seems like there will be at least 2 Belgian dudes in the list. A while ago, I heard from your site from friend (Koen P.). Didn’t know you did write for MarketingProfs, though. Can’t wait to read your chapter. Nice meeting you (this way!). Perfect occasion, isn’t it? : )

    Kind regards.


  5. Hey Luc – We’re 3 Belgians in the list actually, my colleague Geert Desager wrote a piece as well.

    As for MarketingProfs, I’m not writing for that, but I’m in their bookclub which you should check out if you haven’t done so already. Every couple of months CK picks a marketing book that will get discussed at MarketingProfs forum, and these are very engaging.

    Looking forward to meet you in person.

  6. Kris,
    Great 3 Belgians! Ok ok, I know CK’s book club… I missed time to participate. Nice you did, though. Yes I’m also looking forward to meeting you in person.
    PS : Love the design/graphics of your blog!

  7. Hey, the Belgians are taking over! Just kidding.

    I’m really glad to see the international participation. One of the contributors is from Oman. What other countries are represented?

  8. Hello, Connie! Great to be a part of this project, and I can’t wait to see the whole thing complete.

    And I’m from the country of Texas – does that count? :-D

  9. Robert, I’m from Texas too — and like our tourism advertising says, “It’s a whole other country.” LOL

  10. Chris – the world spins in increasingly smaller circles. I too was in Las Vegas last weekend. I too ended up writing my chapter for our ebook glad that I had the benefit of a west coast time zone. I too was at the Venetian. I too included technology and conversations. Hmmm… Looking forward to reading your work.

  11. @Connie/Robert – Welcome Texas! I actually think it’s a good idea indeed that we get an idea of the countries involved. I asked Gavin if he knows, could be an amazing map really.

    @Toby – Those are the times you are reminded of how small the world really is, amazing.

  12. Luc, I have been reading your blog for some time, and I look forward to reading your chapter! And yes, it was great to have the extra time here on the West Coast. :-)

  13. […] of the things I was thinking of after reading the comments on this blog about my chapter was to create a map that would show all writers in their respective home location. The reason for […]

  14. […] the release as well, but this all just made me think of the ‘chapter’ I wrote for the ‘Age Of Conversation’: You get a long way with common sense. Don’t let the technology fool you, this is a conversation like any other, and many of the […]

  15. […] Stephen Denny adds to the conversation by saying the policy should definitely come first, and I see his point. but too many people use this lack of clarity, this lack of rules as a reason for not trying out for themselves. And that’s my main reason why I wouldn’t focus on the policy first. Ideally you have a small guideline, but like Cam comments: common sense should apply. I couldn’t agree more, remember my chapter in the ‘Age of Conversation‘: you get a long way with common sense. […]


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