Meeting of Minds

Yesterday and today it’s Meeting of Minds in Antwerp. I was going to go, but my agenda decided otherwise the very last minute which is a bit of a shame as I’m reading a lot of good stuff about it. Take a look for instance at what Clo had to say about it, she seems to have loved it so far. I’m trying to follow it a bit on Twitter, but that’s hardly the real thing is it…

Luckily, since Loic Le Meur was coming to MoM, we had a chance to reconnect. We went out for dinner Wednesday night in the renewed ‘Wok & Tandoor’ and had some interesting conversations around LeWeb3 and next year’s LeWeb, the new & exciting project he’s working on, Microsoft, …. and much more. It was good to meet again, too bad I had to miss out on the discussion at MoM on television 2.0… who knows next time.


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