Windows Live feature hotlist

LiveSide made a nice post today about the ‘10 Windows Live features you don’t yet use and should‘. Even if you don’t use the Windows Live services these features belong to, they still make ’em worth a look.

I remember Chris from LiveSide asking me on IM a couple of weeks ago which litlle – not well known features – I like most and I think these must be it:

  • Windows Live for Mobile (aka G2) and Live Search for Mobile which offer you very nice apps to have your Messenger, Mail and Maps Search on your mobile. The Live Search for mobile is even available for Java-running phones
  • Live Search activity in Messenger: You’re in a conversation and looking for something on the web, no need to open up a browser, just launch the activity in the conversation window and search the web/images. With one-click link to share specific results in the conversation
  • Add a nickname in Windows Live Messenger which will allow you to change any name in your buddylist to something less cryptic than these names usually are and avoids having 8 Tom’s, 4 An’s, … in your list
  • Windows Live Writer, now that is a great tool for any blogger out there. And hopefully more people will develop plugins for it like the Flickr4Writer that make things really easier

… and Bird Eye view for Antwerp of course :). Expect more soon.


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