Blog updates (Cont’d)

My last post was about some updates I did to my blog, one update being the addition of the ClustrMap in the navigation. Looking at this ClustrMap (and I know it has only been 2 days or so) I’m wondering if that’s really accurate. I do get some geodata from some of the other tracking services I use like Shinystat which tells me I get visitors from about 80 different countries on a monthly basis. If I look at Clicky for instance I can see the last 50 visitors on a map and also there you see visitors coming from all over the world. And this is just what makes me curious about the ClustrMap of ‘Cross The Breeze. The advantage versus Clicky is that it will show all visitors on a map and not only the last 50, but if I look at it now I only see very few dots on the US and Europe, nothing like the Clicky map. Below is a screenshot from Clicky a few minutes ago. I’ll keep the ClustrMap on for another few days (got to give it a chance) but it doesn’t look right. Anybody an idea why that difference?


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