Emma, and now what?!

Today the VRT (Belgian public television) sent an open invitation to bloggers to invite them for a press conference on Emma online, an extension on the television series. Great to see the VRT is taking this direction, they are still amongst the first companies to recognize importance of this… too bad they do it in the way they do.

First, it’s a press conference with no proof at all there will actually be an interactive conversation. A press conference is pretty much one way (apart from a little q&a session) in which you’re invited to come and listen. Too bad. Second, if you would be interested, you can send an email to the VRT with your name, webblog and motivation – WTF?! Do you really want me to send you a motivation for why I want to come and listen to whatever you have to say? Come on. Third, the press conference is during office hours, like we’re all making a living writing on this blog of ours.

I’m very much aware that engagement or outreach to bloggers is very new to many companies out there. But if you’re really interested in getting this on the road, don’t tell me you can’t find anyone to talk to about this to help you out? At least to avoid these little clunky mistakes.



  1. [wallie] says:

    You’ve got a point there, Kris. It’s all a bit clumsy. I’ll be a that press conference. Shall I pass your comments to the press host?

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks [wallie], I think it would make sense indeed if someone would talk to them about it, but hopefully they read their trackbacks as well and if so they’ve should have found out about some of the reactions by Clopin, Pietel or myself.

    Let me know how it went. Nice blog by the way ;)

  3. We’ve read your comments. Learning as we go along…. Thanks for the tips. We invite those of you who will be there tomorrow for a discussion after the “official” part of the press conference, if you bloggers can spare some time during working hours – sorry for that.

  4. Kris Hoet says:

    It’s indeed a learning process, and I’m learning as I go along myself as well. You’ll see that when you have some bloggers there, that they can be of great help. Get them involved, it’s all part of the conversation.

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