The Age of Conversation

I’m proud to announce that I’m going to be part of this project that Gavin Heaton & Drew McLellan announced two weeks ago. So for those that missed out on that, here’s what it is about:

“Gavin & I concocted the idea for an e-book about this new era of communications we’ve all entered together. But not just any book. It has to be a quick book. Exciting.  Sharp. Inclusive. It had to be a book about community and conversation that came from that community and spoke the same vernacular. The title — The  Conversation Age.”

For this they called out to get a 100 authors for this to write a piece of about 400 words that obviously relates to the conversation age. They will donate 100% of the proceeds to Variety the Children’s Charity and the book will be dedicated to CK and her mom.

All of that was good enough make sure I applied to be one of the 100 authors and so be it. So I’m proud and excited to be part of this… and a little anxious as well. It’s a bit like the feeling you have when your write your first blogpost. Anyway, we’re in, I got 10 days left for the piece and hopefully you’ll like it.

Here is the full list of all 100 authors, it’s good to see a few familiar faces in the list and many new blogs to discover as well. You’ll see a remarkable list of people (I’m talking about all the others), wish me luck ;)