Nice lady, cool presents

Yesterday I had lunch with Caroline Maerten aka Account Director at Antidot aka Rolling Talks. Caroline picked the place and she did good, we went to Cook & Book which is a very cool restaurant for anyone who likes food and (yes indeed) books. I’m again totally into reading books recently. Not so much as Caroline who buys a few books a week (seems like she’s a good match to Claudia though) but still. I just like books, even if I don’t read that much of them, don’t ask why.

Caroline was so kind to give me an early birthday present at the end of our pleasant lunch and since I just finished reading Made to Stick (review soon), the timing is just ideal. I haven’t started yet, but they look interesting, both books are from Paul Arden:

No link to Amazon this time though as I’m still waiting on The Origin of Brands that I ordered last February… and that should arrive sometime in May according to the last note (sigh!). I should have listened to smarter people‘s suggestions.

Thanks again Caroline, I enjoyed lunch and I’ll send you Made To Stick asap, it’s great.

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  1. Caroline says:

    my pleasure Kris! no need to ship ‘Made to stick’: i will be in the European Most Stylish City next week for the ‘user is the content’ conference on the 26th ;-)

  2. “It’s not how good you are ..” is a pretty nice book
    You’ll love it!

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