Calling out to Belgian creatives

Spread the word, there’s 16 days to go to make this happen. So what is this about? On May 3rd it’s Portfolio Night: one night, 18 cities worldwide and the best creatives of the land…. but not in Belgium.

“On May 3 we will attempt advertising history once again. As planet earth turns over 21 different time zones, we will mobilize all the top creative directors—the leaders of the ad world—to carry out the largest advertising portfolio review in the world. Thousands of juniors will receive valuable face-to-face time with the best creative directors in the world.

Portfolio Night is not about reviewing junior portfolios, it is about uniting our industry at all levels for one day and helping make the next generation the best generation. On May 3, careers will be made, giants will be born, beers will be drank and friendships will be made. For those that have never attended Portfolio Night in the past, all we can tell you is that it is a magical night.”

It’s not too late, so I would call for all Belgian creatives to unite and make this happen. Add Brussels, Antwerp, … whatever to the list and show we’re part of global creativity. Tom, Miel, JP, Robin, Yves, Steven, too many to name… feel free to spread the word ;)

Update: I think I’m going blind, or maybe I should just stop blogging too late in the evening… anyway, Brussels is on the list apparently, not sure why I didn’t see that in the first place. Location and creative directors still to be announced though. (Thanks Robin)

New update: Brussels was on the list, but it seems like the initial host agency backed out of it, so we’re back to were this post started I’m afraid.

[Via The Brand Spot]

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