The couple

Geert Desager, a colleague of mine in trade marketing is working on a great project that I think you should all check out:

“Together with our ad agency Openhere, I’m currently making a commercial for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. The film is called ‘The Couple’ and makes some statements about the relationship between today’s advertiser and today’s consumer. A quite risky project if you know that the commercial explicitly challenges the advertisers – our clients – to question themselves and the way they communicate with their target groups. In this blog, I will keep you posted about the making of the campaign. I have also given the agency access to this blog, so that they can vent their ideas as well. As should be in this format, there is only one rule: “their are no rules!”

I’ve had the chance to see some of the casting videos with the final actors before Geert left to LA (where he’s shooting the video this week). Don’t think of it as a classic TV commercial, this should be like a wake up call… hopefully it works.

Check out ‘The Making Of’ blog to follow the project.


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