Nobody moves! This must be Rome

So you arrive in Rome, trying to grab a taxi at the airport. There’s like 50 people waiting (I’m luckily up front) and there’s a whole long line of taxis waiting as well but … nothing moves, this must be Rome. The taxi drivers are basically having a discussion about some of them are slowing down the line – sigh. The taxi driver did win back all lost time during the mad ride to town so I guess that made up for it ;)

I must say I had forgotten how beautiful Rome was. It has been years since I last came to Rome, I should come back soon to actually see some of it (apart from looking out a taxi window).

On the return same problem. Again nobody moved, but that was due to a strike at the Brussels Airport this time. My flight back was canceled earlier today, so I quickly decided to book a ticket on a flight to Amsterdam before everyone going to Brussels figured out there was no chance that was going to happen today. I guess that’s also one of the advantages of corporate travel, I genuinely felt sorry for all these families with young kids that are clearly not used to flying that much and that were stuck on the airport with no way to go. I hope they (got) get home alright.

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  1. Bart says:

    It’s simply unacceptable such a strike.

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