Listening and learning from social conversation

Blogging4business, the day after. Yesterday I attended the B4B conference in London for which Simon had asked me to be on panel about “Next-generation market research: how companies are listening and learning from social conversation”. I’m not sure about that title (isn’t a conversation always social?), but basically it was about tracking social media.

Blogging 4 Business
(Photo by Stephanie Booth)

Also on the panel were Simon McDermott (CEO, Attentio), Scott Thomson (Analytics Director, Starcom) and Heather Hopkins (Head of Research, Hitwise) and we had a great moderator in the person of Mike Butcher. I enjoyed the panel, I hope the audience did as well, you can read some coverage here, here, here or here. As always conferences like these are also very good place to meet up with new people, or people that you know via email or other means, but that you never met in person. I finally got to meet Caroline Maerten (who has some great coverage on the event), Mike Butcher and Steve Clayton from Microsoft (the Blue Monster guy). I wanted to talk a bit more off stage with Heather (hope we can catch up later) and wanted to meet Darren Strange, another fellow Microsoft colleague who was on a panel before me but I guess time was to short.

Finally, I met up with Hugh again the night before and it looks like we might be doing something together later on as well, so all great stuff.

Thanks to Matthew and Bernhard for a great conference programme. See you next year.



  1. Caroline says:

    You’re the greatest ambassador Microsoft can dream of :-) Your genuine ”i’m a humble nice guy to talk with ‘ style works miracles. Thanks again for this great meeting.

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