Incredible virtual desktop manager

A colleague of mine send this to me a few days ago, fantastic. This little application offers you 4 desktops instead of one, on which you can keep different programs open. Flipping between these desktops happens like this 3D cube you can see in the image. Apparently this is something that exists for a while on Linux, an the Yod’m 3D application works on XP and Win2000 as well.


I’m also amazed with the little impact it seems to have on your performance, truly a great app this one. I have only one comment: I use my keyboard shortcuts a lot and I can tell you the CTRL+SHIFT shortcut is not ideal for me as I’m used to it for other functions. Tell me I can change that to something else ;)

[Update: Iñigo – the colleague who sent me this – pointed out in the comments that you can change the shortcut keys which I did and now it’s all perfect. Thanks!]

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  1. Hi Kris.

    I n fact you can change the shortcuts. They are a few options you can choose to personalize it :-)


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