It’s quite funny walking around this hotel, you really lose all sense of day and night, people are playing on the slots machines day and night. Coming to think if it, you won’t see a clock anywhere around here. Well it probably all helps to keep you gambling I guess. Today we saw our first […]

Almost a full 24 hours after leaving Brussels I finally arrived in Sin City for MIX07. And hopefully I do find the time to update you on a regular basis so it doesn’t stay in Vegas. I’m blogging this using on my mobile so hopefully this post will appear online, I haven’t tried that […] Top Ten Reasons Why Web 2.0 Sucks (tags: innovation web2.0 design blogs ideas internet future media mobile top10 hotlist)

Yesterday and today it’s Meeting of Minds in Antwerp. I was going to go, but my agenda decided otherwise the very last minute which is a bit of a shame as I’m reading a lot of good stuff about it. Take a look for instance at what Clo had to say about it, she seems […]

Windows Vista Team Blog : Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project – final results Last month we posted an update to the Windows Vista Gadgets Competition on Code Project. Now that the competition is complete, the team behind it would like to thank everyone who entered. (tags: windows vista gadgets competition coding project results […]