What if … I could actually find it?!

I don’t get it! PUB, the Belgian magazine on marketing, advertising and media show us a creative campaign from the agency ‘What If’ for a Pioneer navigation product. This interests me because it’s in integrated campaign with print, POS, tv, internet and a viral element running in 17 countries. And also, not unimportant as some of you know, it features a Ford Mustang Shelby which I could see in the image on the article.

The funny thing is that there’s no link with the article so I can go see for myself (traditional medium remember). Let’s check the PUB website then, nope nothing. Let’s try the agency website, a lot of cases but not the one I’m looking for. The Pioneer website? Nothing, nothing, nothing. Sigh… It’s a viral campaign as well, launched in 17 countries, but even though I’m having about 20 pure advertising blogs in my RSS reader I can’t remember seeing anything of this campaign. I checked Youtube quickly as well, but all of this without results.

Do you see what I don’t get it? I find this really unbelievable, honestly. I would have loved to see this campaign “with the 3D city you can drive through for real” and I would have blogged about it here for sure and on http://iblogmustang.com as well. Too bad, I give up. Good luck on the viral!

Final note: I didn’t think of this before, but actually this is all extra funny since the campaign is to promote navigation products :)

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  1. General Pattern says:

    I believe that the only way to make efficient viral marketing is to realize a creative campaign way above average. The top of mind example is sony bravia and it hasn’t been made for virality.

    *sigh* indeed

  2. What if … this is actually one of them secret viral campaigns no one ever actually sees? I’ve heard of these before (but I’m not telling you who told me they exist, that’s classified information).

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