What if … I could actually find it?!

I don’t get it! PUB, the Belgian magazine on marketing, advertising and media show us a creative campaign from the agency ‘What If’ for a Pioneer navigation product. This interests me because it’s in integrated campaign with print, POS, tv, internet and a viral element running in 17 countries. And also, not unimportant as some of you know, it features a Ford Mustang Shelby which I could see in the image on the article.

The funny thing is that there’s no link with the article so I can go see for myself (traditional medium remember). Let’s check the PUB website then, nope nothing. Let’s try the agency website, a lot of cases but not the one I’m looking for. The Pioneer website? Nothing, nothing, nothing. Sigh… It’s a viral campaign as well, launched in 17 countries, but even though I’m having about 20 pure advertising blogs in my RSS reader I can’t remember seeing anything of this campaign. I checked Youtube quickly as well, but all of this without results.

Do you see what I don’t get it? I find this really unbelievable, honestly. I would have loved to see this campaign “with the 3D city you can drive through for real” and I would have blogged about it here for sure and on http://iblogmustang.com as well. Too bad, I give up. Good luck on the viral!

Final note: I didn’t think of this before, but actually this is all extra funny since the campaign is to promote navigation products :)

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