Talking slides…

A great presentation is a combination of a good story, told by a great storyteller and using a medium that reinforces the story. All the discussions about whether presentations made in Keynote are automatically better than anything made in Powerpoint are totally missing the point if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Keynote is a great product, but doesn’t bring more real value.

Why this point? I noticed today that Slideshare is organizing the World’s Best Presentation Contest. Nice initiative, but I’m very curious to the outcome though. I would love to learn from great presentations, but as said, that includes so much more than a few slides (if you even need them). It’s not like Dick Hardt’s OSCON slides will stand a chance here… although it’s still one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen.

Creating a good presentation is a tough job and it’s too bad many people don’t take the time needed to make your presentation worth listening to. I guess you can think of at least 1 colleague that had to do a presentation recently which he/she created an hour before the presentation. And that’s a shame, if you get a slot to present your story to an audience of listeners you better make sure it’s worth it.

By the way, the Slideshare of videos – aka Youtube (or was it the other way round) – is also doing it’s awards thing. Looks like having your own awards is the way to go now ;)


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