Whenever I’m staying at a hotel for work, I need to use the phone for really only one thing and that is to get a wake up call. Now, these hotel phones always have a large range of buttons on them so you can easily get to several types of services: styling, 24 hour dining, valet, redial, emergency, … This means you have to go over all buttons to find the one you need. The W hotel in Seattle has a very interesting button, which I hadn’t seen before: the whatever/whenever button. Now I find that really interesting, especially since I don’t care what all the other ones are for. The whatever/whenever service offers:

“50 yard line seats to a sold out Seahawks game? A day with a personal shopper at the flagship Nordstrom? A romantic seaplane ride over Lake Union? We’re on it. Just push a button on your room’s phone to reach us.”

I only used it for my wake up call, but I think all hotels should get rid of all these separate buttons (15 on this phone) and just have one: the whatever/whenever button, that would make life easier for us guests. Don’t expect me to dial any other line anyway :)

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  1. Hehe :)

    Every company with multiple product lines should have a direct whatever/whenever number (and e-mail address), so you don’t have to call a different number, or use a specific e-mail address for every different model or series of the product.

  2. Grokodile says:

    Good point! As the above comment states, why should the customer have to figure out the “routing”… make the service provider do it… and efficiently no less.

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