Senses: headhunting in style

Sometimes advertising can be truly great, and I think this as a very good example of a perfect campaign. We all know that people do a lot of their web surfing while at work, but obviously job searching while at work is not ideal. This is exactly what must have inspired the Belgian agency SNOW (LG&F) for the campaign they’ve created for Senses, a headhunting agency. Too bad there’s no English version, but make sure you still check it out, it’s really good.

First there’s this little viral video. This Chinese clip is a cover, for the real story… which you can read in the subtitles. It’s basically so your boss thinks you’re just watching a funny clip on the internet, but in the meantime you’re getting information on where to go when you’re ready for a new challenge (full translation at Coolz0r’s).

So, nice clip and definitely out of the box. What’s really great about the whole campaign, is that it doesn’t stop there, but that it’s neatly integrated with their website as well. This site provides you with the possibility to surf boss-proof. You can disguise it as a site for garden furniture, wellness center or a Japanese restaurant as you can see below. Again superb idea, but also very good execution as even with disguise, it’s very easy to navigate around to the real content.

Great job SNOW!

[Via Coolz0r | Clo]

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