My ideal RSS reader (2)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my search for the ideal RSS reader. Let’s say I was getting close to RSS hell now my favorite RSS reader broke down, and the other ones I tested just weren’t what I want from an RSS reader. As of today, I’m closer to RSS heaven again, so that’s good news. No that GreatNews ;)

So what happened? Not much really, I just read a post in which it said:

“GreatNews, a native Windows client, is the hidden gem of RSS readers. You rarely here about it, but there are countless users. It is very popular in the Chinese community. One of the best features is the integration with Bloglines. If you already use Bloglines, then GreatNews will synchronize your reading list with your Bloglines account.”

That’s just great. How come I didn’t notice that before? All elements were there, I just had to connect them. GreatNews is still my preferred RSS reader and now it seems that I can sync this with Bloglines, just like I wanted. And Bloglines has a decent mobile version as well, so it’s almost all I wished for.

It is not 100% like I want it, but it sure comes close. I still believe a central RSS store, not proprietary to the OS or an application, would make sense and I like the interface of Google Reader a bit more, although it’s slower then Bloglines, … No, this will do, let’s go do some reading.