About cheese and beer

Last week Ewan McIntosh, the Scottish edublogger, was in town. Well he was in the country to be exact but I took him to Antwerp with me, filling up the few free hours he had before his flight back to Scotland.

Cheese with your beer
(Courtesy of Edublogger)

The reason why I wanted to bring this up is not so much the cheese & beer (although must have), but because I was fascinated with the work Ewan is doing. We met last year in Paris at LeWeb3 and it was good to get together again. Ewan is looking into social media & technology to find it how it can be used to provide powerful learning tools in Scottish schools. Just like myself, Ewan believes in the opportunity technology provides to achieve our goals better and not the technology itself. Interesting to hear how they’re doing tests with the Nintendo DS in classrooms for instance. He’s also the first to show me an interesting use of Twitter. I didn’t see what all the buzz was all about when I first checked it out, but I’ll take a look at it again now. Respect Ewan, I hope the Belgian education decision makers read your blog, they can learn from it.