What if … I could actually find it?!

I don’t get it! PUB, the Belgian magazine on marketing, advertising and media show us a creative campaign from the agency ‘What If’ for a Pioneer navigation product. This interests me because it’s in integrated campaign with print, POS, tv, internet and a viral element running in 17 countries. And also, not unimportant as someContinue reading “What if … I could actually find it?!”

What we want from our PR agencies

The Twelve Consultancy – a PR consultancy themselves for the record – did a survey of some sort with 100 marketing directors to name the five key things that they want from their PR agency. This resulted in this list: A thorough understanding of their business and industry sector – the best PRs understand theirContinue reading “What we want from our PR agencies”

Marketing hotlist

With top marketing bloglists popping up all over, from the ‘original’ Top 25 Marketing blogs from Mack Collier to Todd And’s Power 150. From the z-lists to Jaffe’s March Blogness, … I’m reading many blogs on marketing but if you would ask me which are the ones I like most, which are the ones thatContinue reading “Marketing hotlist”

A passionate reader

It’s very sad to see things like this happening. Freedom of speech still doesn’t allow hate speech, nor should anonymity be a freeride to threads like these. I know like most of you that things like these (although less extreme I hope) are probably happening more than we would want, but maybe the blogoshphere should haveContinue reading “A passionate reader”

Virtual customer satisfaction

Last week I wrote about the very traditional approach of many brands in the new space that is Second Life. My colleague Philippe points out to a customer satisfaction survey that was done in Second Life, which confirms my point: ““We were able to detect that companies are transferring their challenges like-for-like from the realContinue reading “Virtual customer satisfaction”