New theme?

I’ve been thinking about changing my hosted blog to a self hosted WordPress blog, for a couple of reasons, one of them being the ability to change to the layout I want. I’ve been talking about this with some people who are a bit more technical than I am (that’s not so difficult either) and decided to keep it on for a little longer.

Since the design of this blog was one of the reasons, I checked out the themes in the gallery to see if I couldn’t switch to a new one. I always liked the Emire theme a lot, but I felt it was time for something new. That’s why I’m trying this new one (Freshy), let me know what you think, and if someone could give me some help on creating a new header image that suits ‘Cross The Breeze, please let me know (780×95 pixels).

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  1. gromain says:

    the new theme is great ideed – i especially like the bookmark space =)

  2. Pietel says:

    Congrats. You’ve left blog puberty behind you. :)

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