A campaign without internet is not an option

This was the title of an article (analysis really) that I read in De Standaard (Belgian newspaper) yesterday. Journalist Wim Winckelmans shares his opinion about the importance of the internet for the upcoming elections. Reason for the article was the recently launched MRTV by the political party MR (and CDH-TV is rumored to be next).

Wim makes some good points, looking at the efficiency of MRTV (and related). It misses the credibility of television news, the credibility is very low and it just smells like a commercial. Who is going to go there to watch this? Not many people he thinks, and I would say the same.

At one point, Carl Devos (political specialist) is quoted in the article about the power of the internet as medium. Carl says (and I tried to translate as literal as possible):

“The internet can only play a supporting role in a campaign. One interview on tv or in the newspaper has a far greater impact than all efforts done using the internet. The best that can happen to a politician, is that he gets invited for an interview on television because of his efforts on the web.”

I think it’s time someone informs Carl about the real power of the internet here.


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