Windows Live for mobile

Last week 3GSM was the scene of many mobile related launches obviously and some of these announcements related to Windows Live as well. First launch was that of Live Search for Mobile for Windows Mobile phones and Java based phones (download here). It gives you maps, directions, local search, traffic, … but only does that for UK and US for the moment. This means I can’t test all features, but it looks like feedback in general is pretty good and Lifehackers also states it’s a step above Google Maps Mobile.

A second release was that of Windows Live for Windows Mobile, something some people might remember as the G2 client. I’ve been using this for quite a while already on my Windows Mobile 5 phone and love it. It basically offers Live contacts, Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Spaces and search in a very neat way. Some new additions to Messenger for instance with the tabbed IM, ability to send voice clips from mobile, … make it very useful. You can see it at work in this Windows Mobile 6 tour:

Remember that Soapbox is already available for mobile since October last year.

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