You got to be kidding! Not again?!

A while ago I made fun around that fact that the marketing magazine ‘MM’ didn’t allow you to link to them in a post called “Marketing magazine sues (or not yet?)“. We all know by now that I got it wrong, it was not a belgian marketing magazine that sued someone, nor was it about Delicious. Instead Copiepresse sued Google, just search Technorati on Google AND Belgium if you’re curious to find out more.

Although the Google story is far from over, the traditional press in Belgium might have found another battlefield already. Today the “Fédération de la Presse Périodique de Belgique” (by Luc Smeeters) posts an article (french) around the newly launched service from MSN called MSN Reporter (dutch). (disclaimer: I work for MSN) I couldn’t believe what I saw! MSN Reporter is basically a local Digg-like service that adds user engagement to the MSN News channel. The journalist questions the ethics of such service (although far from new) and feels it ignores the work ‘real’ journalists do. He thinks out loud about the need for something that qualifies news. OMG!

Is this the opinion of a single journalist, or is this the start of a new campaign against citizen journalism this time? Too soon to tell, but I guess we’ll find out the following days.

UPDATE: Clo thinks of “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” when hearing about this. Belgium! I wish I had written that post :)

[Via ODD]

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