How influential are you? (2)

Many people around me know that this question intrigues me a lot. I’m still waiting on a service, tool, algorithm that measures real influence. Related to this, here’s an interesting thought which I found on Market IQ. They talk about measuring the impact of blogs and basically their key point here is that you need to look further than just how many people link to someone:

“Over a 3-month period last year, Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine and Heather Armstrong’s Dooce received incoming links from similar numbers of sources. However, the sources linking to BuzzMachine received more than twice as many distinct links as the sources linking to Dooce, implying greater impact.”

This absolutely makes sense, but how far do you go with this? It reminds me a bit of how LinkedIn measures your network. What do you think, do we only need to look at second degree, or do we need to look even further?

[Via Buzzmachine]

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