The tap project

Yesterday was the last day of our APAC (Asia Pacific) summit here in Singapore and the session ended with a special guest David Droga, creative chairman from Droga5 in NY (kudos to Yvonne). Looking at the impressive curriculum the man has, you knew in advance this was going to be good and he indeed didn’t let us down.

We talked about marketing & advertising in general and David obviously showcased some of their work as well. I guess you all remember the tagging of Airforce One by Mark Ecko, but one project that I like very much as well is ‘The tap project’.

“On March 22, 2007 the United Nations’ World Water Day, hundreds of restaurants in New York City, home to some of the best tap water on the planet, will invite their patrons to pay $1 for something they normally get for free. The funds collected will support UNICEF water programs, which provide safe drinking water to children around the world.”

I think this is just great, and if they manage to take it worldwide next year, I’d love to take part. Also marketing wise there is a very cool element in this, namely that they will actually create a brand for one day only: ‘NY TAP’. It will be really interesting to see what the stickiness factor of that one day brand will be. Hopefully we’ll get some ‘Antwerp Tap’ next year ;-)

And now, I got a few hours before my flight back home, the city calls…


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