Together with my new PC, I’m finally on the Vista RTM and not on RC1 anymore. This meant that I could install my Zune after it had been lying here for almost a month apart from the occasional FM radio usage. Now I got all my music (ripped CD’s), images and movies on there and […]

The next live concert you can watch for free on MSN (within the recent partnership with Control Room) is the Showgirl Homecoming Tour from Kylie Minogue. Get ready for super sexy Kylie on January 24th! Technorati tags: kylie minogue, showgirl, live, concert, msn, control room

A couple of days ago I participated in 2 contests. Both were offered by my son, who just knew it involved something with daddy’s PC by the look of “www” sticker on the package. First the Cars DVD action: you could win a trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles. Just enter the code on the […]

Remember this cartoon? Well, it looks like some people needed help to find their first life, so here you go: Now this is settled, maybe a VC can take a look again at this other idea I had. Technorati tags: second life, cartoon

Right from the moment CK announced MarketingProf’s new Book Club initiative hosted by her, I knew this was going to be good. Read on more on her blog if you don’t know what the Book Club is. Unfortunately I didn’t get the book in time before the first book review, but I still logged in […]

In May last year I wrote about the DeLorean from Back to the Future being for sale. Today Gizmodo reports that 1 of the 4 original Batmobiles is for sale as well. It’s going on auction in London this February, expected to sell for $150.000. Anyone? [Via Gizmodo] Technorati tags: batmobile, batman, auction, movies, delorean, […]

A while ago I started a new blog. It’s about something totally different compared to this one, and yet it’s not. [Updated: to be clear, I don’t own a Mustang yet but it’s a dream to get it one day… and that’s what the new blog is about] I’ll copy a piece out of the […]