Who do they think they are?!

A couple of days ago I participated in 2 contests. Both were offered by my son, who just knew it involved something with daddy’s PC by the look of “www” sticker on the package.

First the Cars DVD action: you could win a trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles. Just enter the code on the pack on the website which we did. Message on the site was that we would receive an email very soon letting us know if we were amongst the winners or not.

Second contest: the Lays/Doritos ‘win 5 Apple Macbooks per day’. Also here he had a code, which he found in his pack of Doritos. And also here we would receive an email to let us know if we had won (within 24 hours it even said).

We didn’t win with either contest, well I suppose so because we never ever received an email from either one of them. What kind of promotion is that? You took the bait, you accepted the incentive, bought the product, spent the money… so why still care? I don’t know who built these 2 contests but you better take a look at them again as they don’t work.

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