Who do they think they are?!

A couple of days ago I participated in 2 contests. Both were offered by my son, who just knew it involved something with daddy’s PC by the look of “www” sticker on the package.

First the Cars DVD action: you could win a trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles. Just enter the code on the pack on the website which we did. Message on the site was that we would receive an email very soon letting us know if we were amongst the winners or not.

Second contest: the Lays/Doritos ‘win 5 Apple Macbooks per day’. Also here he had a code, which he found in his pack of Doritos. And also here we would receive an email to let us know if we had won (within 24 hours it even said).

We didn’t win with either contest, well I suppose so because we never ever received an email from either one of them. What kind of promotion is that? You took the bait, you accepted the incentive, bought the product, spent the money… so why still care? I don’t know who built these 2 contests but you better take a look at them again as they don’t work.

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  1. Maybe those e-mails got stuck in some spam filter along the way? Big change they would, since the “from” address will not be on your white list, it’s got a .com extension in the domain, the message is in English, the body might contain words like “win” and “free” that trigger the attention of spam filters, etc… Just a thought.

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks Clo, valid point. But even if that’s through they should have handled it differently or taken that possibility into account. Otherwise it’s kind of easy to give away 5 laptops a day isn’t it…

  3. absvertising says:


    I work at the agency that invented this Doritos promotion. If you have the highest score of the day (wich you can check the next day) then your name is on a t-shirt. If you are within the Top 4, you’ll get an email from logistics. So no email, means you didnt get into the highest rankings. It’s too much work to send everybody an email ‘that they didnt win’. We have more then 1 million players in 3 weeks, and also 5 peeople a day win a MacBook. So it works, both sides.



  4. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey Ab, thanks for coming back to me on this. I didn’t play the game though, just went for the option to enter just the code. After that nothing happened, although it clearly stated that we would get an answer within 24 hours. I understand the impact of huge amounts of players since I’ve done similar contests myself, but still you overpromised and underdelivered… which you should always try to avoid.

  5. jcsbomb says:

    there is a doritos contest currently running.
    check out this years competition. there are a few that are worthy of the top 5, but one stands out in my mind particularly. its funny, cute, has good rythm and comedic timing…And its memorable. I can see this being talked about the next day at the office.


    its just funny.
    Jasper Cartwritte

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