The Book Club experience

Right from the moment CK announced MarketingProf’s new Book Club initiative hosted by her, I knew this was going to be good. Read on more on her blog if you don’t know what the Book Club is. Unfortunately I didn’t get the book in time before the first book review, but I still logged in and started reading what people had written. Although I expected more people initially (more than 450 people signed up for it) I found the discussions very interesting and commented on few occasions myself.

For me this was on of the most engaging marketing related experiences, since I started blogging about it. You’re discussing with professionals like CK, Mack Collier, Mark Goren, David Reich, Ann Hadley and many others and I guess we all learned from it (at least I did). Therefore I also like the initiative Mark has taken to create a blog roll with all participants of the first book review. I’ve taken out all blogs (some links are business websites) and added them to my OPML as well. Good idea Mark, hope you can maintain the list ;-)

The next book review: which book, when? May I suggest Made To Stick (and the sooner the better).