My 1965 Ford Mustang

A while ago I started a new blog. It’s about something totally different compared to this one, and yet it’s not. [Updated: to be clear, I don’t own a Mustang yet but it’s a dream to get it one day… and that’s what the new blog is about]

I’ll copy a piece out of the introduction so you know what it’s about:

“The idea of ‘65 Mustang is to combine my passion for this car with my passion for new media marketing… or whatever you want to call it. The internet has shown recently that there are all new kinds of ways to get what, whether it is a million dollars or a Ferrari. With this blog I want to look at all possibilities I have so I can get my ‘65 Ford Mustang, stealing an idea here and there ;-)”

It’s actually quite fun doing this, hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well. And whenever you see an interesting idea out there that I could use, send me an email (mustangblog at hotmail dot com) or send me the link here:

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