My ideal RSS reader

I’m struggling with my RSS reader these days, which annoys me a lot. I’m reading about 420 feeds on a daily basis and a good feedreader is key to scan all this without losing too much time. I’ve written about GreatNews more than once and found it the best reader out there… but it crashed since the latest update.

This forced me somehow in testing other readers again and I finally tried the RSS feature in Outlook 2007, FeedDemon, Google Reader, … but neither of them really have what I need. My ideal RSS reader would be something like a combination from GreatNews with Google Reader, both synced with the IE7 RSS feedstore and with direct links to your Digg, Delicious, … accounts if you please. I don’t use the webbased reader a lot, but it’s mainly the mobile features of the Google Reader I’m interested in.

So send me an email when this exists :-)

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