I like it when it blurs!

Alright! When 2 passions unite, it better be good. And looking at these billboards for the new Ford Mustang, it looks good indeed. The coolest thing is the technology used to do this, because there are not just big images that blend in with the background. At Ian Hart’s website you can read:

“Constructed from GE Lexan EXL semi-transparent resin, the billboard accurately blurs the scene behind it regardless of day, weather or season.”

Now if that ain’t cool! Here’s what they look like:


Update: Ian Hart left a comment on AdScam that explains this work some more.

“Dear Mr. Parker (and everyone else kind enough to respond), I did this ad with Annie Williams (art director) during my first year at Miami Ad School. I’m glad that some of you have found merit in the idea. Just to answer some speculation, this ad was never presented at an agency, it was simply a class assignment. Carlos Vasquez was our instructor. As for my work experience, a vast majority of the agencies listed on my CV were internships. Miami Ad School is exceptional about placing students at great shops, and I found myself particularly lucky in said respect. As for myself, I just graduated school in December, and am currently looking for permanent employment while freelancing at Toy in New York. I have enjoyed this blog for a long time now, and am honored to find my work on its pages.
Kind regards,
Ian Hart”

[Via MarketingBlog.eu & AdScam]

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