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Yesterday I gave up on Newsvine, cleaned up my delicious account and started using it again. You might have noticed in the sidebar of this blog as well that the delicious feed replaces the earlier newsvine feed. I was quite fond of Newsvine right from the start, funny enough exactly one year ago. The reason why I liked Newsvine more than Digg or Delicious was because you could have good conversations about the links you posted. Delicious doesn’t do this (although they do some other cool stuff of course) and the conversations on Digg are of low quality most of the time. So what happened? Lately the interaction on my Newsvine column is dead, no more comments. I hung in there for a while but after talking about it with Tom earlier this week, I made the decision to move back to Delicious. I don’t think the conversation will come back (not sure why it disappeared in the first place) but that means that there’s not much of a reason anymore to keep on using that. It sure ain’t easier. My Delicious feed can be found in the right navigation, here it is if you’re interested:

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