MIX07: See you there?

C|Net News reports that the registration for Microsoft’s second MIX event has opened last Wednesday. Expect to see Ray Ozzie on web based applications / software as a service, Scott Guthrie on Microsoft’s Atlas Ajax and Windows Presentation Foundation. Tim O’Brien, director of Microsoft’s platform strategy group says:

“We see (this conference) as re-engaging with a big segment of the Web community that didn’t have a big engagement with Microsoft before,” O’Brien said, adding that Microsoft has sought to maintain a regular communication with leading-edge Web developers, designers, tech bloggers and the like over the past year.

Microsoft wants to emphasize its commitment to Web standards, light-weight development techniques, and serious cross-platform support, said O’Brien. One session, for example, is about writing PHP applications with Microsoft’s Atlas Ajax framework. The scripting language PHP (part of the open-source LAMP stack) is widely used for Web development but has not been heavily promoted or endorsed by Microsoft.

I’ll be there if all goes well, let me know if you’re going as well and we might be able to meet up.

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