Join the Conversation

Only two days ago Jaffe announced the name of the new book he’s writing: Join the Conversation (How to engage marketing-weary consumers through the power of community, dialogue and partnership). Given the subject I think it’s cool to see that today he goes even further and offers everyone out there to be part of this new book:

1) Design the actual cover of my book. There’s a Creative Brief waiting for you on the JTC Wiki ( which outlines the process, deadlines and type size of your name on the eventual cover.

2) Contribute i.e. co-co-author Chapter 10, “Why are you so afraid of conversation?” via the JTC Wiki ( You’ll need a password, which you can get by e-mailing jtc at crayonville dot com. Subject “password”

I think that’s an interesting move and look forward to the results. I’m not sure if I’ll apply but I’ll definitely take a look at the wikis. If you’re interested I suggest you do the same.

Talking about books, for now I need to finish Freakonomics, so I can start with Citizen Marketers before the book review on Jan 10th. Looking forward to that as well I must say.

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