Happy traveling?

I’ve been a bit unlucky with traveling the last few days I must say. Last Friday I flew back from London with British Airways to Brussels after spending the whole week in abroad in Paris & London. I think it was probably the worst day of the year to take a BA flight anywhere, I haven’t seen such a mess before on any airport in my entire life! There was an amazing queue that went outside, through a tent, back inside… luckily I found a way to skip big part of it otherwise I would have missed my flight for sure. When I finally arrived at Brussels Airport after a long week of traveling, my luggage wasn’t there. Seems like that Friday a lot more passengers suffered from lost luggage, which is no surprise to me. Still I haven’t heard anything yet from Aviapartner who does the BA handling, and when you call them there’s no way to get an operator on the phone. You have to enter your file number and it’ll tell you that “we haven’t got it yet, we’ll call you when we do”…. sigh.

This week I’m over in London again and I’m traveling home as I’m writing this. I should have been home already for an hour or so, but my 7.55 flight from London City got delayed due to the fog to 12.40! No way I was going to wait that long, so I went back to Waterloo Station and got myself on the Eurostar (Veronique will be happy ;-)).

I don’t have any more traveling planned until the second week of January and I can tell you that I don’t regret that for the moment.

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