Five things you probably don’t know about me

I doubt whether you really want to know this, but since you asked here are the “five things you probably don’t know about me”:

  1. Just like Claudine (hah!) my real name is a bit different from the one you know me by, it actually is Kristiaan. My parents weren’t allowed to name me just Kris (which they wanted), I don’t remember what the silly reason for that was back then. Anyway, nobody ever calls me Kristiaan apart from my mother when she’s really mad at me.
  2. I used to play guitar in a band called ‘Buttonfly’ which I had started with a couple of good friends. We were famous in our own garage and did play some small concerts where we lived. This was all a long time ago so no traces left on the internet of Buttonfly. I still have my guitars but sadly enough I almost never play on them anymore.
  3. Some people know this already, but a lot of people don’t so got to say it once more: I’m allergic to seafood, so don’t take me to seafood restaurants ;-)
  4. My wife and I have 2 sons, and Mathias (the oldest one – 4 1/2 years) was born 3 months too soon and weighted only 1.4 kilos at birth. He spent 3 months in the hospital before coming home, which was probably the toughest time out of our lives. He did well and it’s a fantastic kid.
  5. I love classic cars, but one big dream is to own a ’65 Ford Mustang one day. I always say that it’s the first I buy whenever I get rich since it’s just one of the greatest cars ever made. I’m thinking about a fun blog project about this theme as well, so expect more soon.

I tag Ine “global neighborhoods” Dehandschutter, Geert “I need to blog more” Desager, Luc “new logo” Van Braekel, Tom “I-Wizzard” De Bruyne and finally let’s include someone from the Independent Republic of Wallonia as well ;-) Damien “blogging the news” Vanachter.

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